Awbury Village will be an intentional community offering homeless and at-risk families a safe home environment, with essential support services, to empower them to re-start their journey toward independence. 

About SafeHome Philadelphia and
the Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness 

SafeHome Philadelphia is an initiative of the Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness (PCEH), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe, affordable housing to individuals and families at risk.


Founded in 1982, the organization was a safe haven and beacon for thousands of homeless men in Philadelphia. In 2000, PCEH was at the forefront of the national trend toward Housing First and helped house more than 115 families, including nearly 400 children, assisting them on the road to independence. 


Currently, PCEH is dedicated to developing and creating housing in underserved and neglected communities and believes Awbury Village will provide the essential ingredient to remaining successfully housed: a supportive community.


A project of SafeHome Philadelphia, Awbury Village combines the priorities of the Housing First model with the proven benefits and outcomes of comprehensive and caring community support. The intent of the community is to eliminate the isolation that comes with poverty and homelessness, to deliver support services and life-skills training in a community setting, and to prepare families to proudly re-engage with society. 


Offering More than Housing 

Stressed parents who live on the edge don’t have the luxury of sharing or working with others toward a common goal or purpose. Awbury Village changes that. Families who live here will not simply be tenants. Single parents will enter into a community where, perhaps for the first time in their lives, they will feel supported and be asked to be supportive. Community members will be encouraged to take turns watching the children, harvesting the community garden, and cooking dinners together. The intent is that each family learns from the community what it means to lift each other up. 

Our goal is to successfully set families on a path to independence and home ownership within five years.

About Awbury Village

Providing shelter is a start, but we believe the key to long-term stability is
providing a safe home environment within a mutually supportive community. Opportunities for neighbors to help neighbors are woven into every aspect of the village so that families participate as an integral part of the community.

Families who live in Awbury Village are assigned a coach who provides the necessary social support and work training components. Once settled and out of crisis, individuals and families become an integral part of the community - a group of equals who share the challenges and victories on the path toward independence.

Families are able to reside in the community for up to five years. During their residency, they are asked to pay rent based on what they can afford and receive help with a monthly savings plan. After moving on from Awbury Village, former residents will continue to find support through PCEH, its partners, and the community itself. 


One of the by-products of homelessness and poverty is isolation; living in a shared community of peers ends the lonely struggle and accelerates progress.

What Does the Community Look Like? 

Our intention is to design a community that will empower people to feel good about where they live. Everything about the architecture from the colors, materials, size, etc. was chosen to create a welcoming environment. The location for Awbury Village was selected to support that goal of independence. Next to a charter school, a block from a commuter rail station, supermarket, and shops, the location eliminates many of the typical roadblocks that hold families back.


Awbury Village features:​

  • Two-acre private parcel

  • 24 homes

  • Common-use building and shared amenity building

  • Community garden

  • 6 key outdoor spaces with naming opportunities

  • 10 parking spaces

  • Secure site access

  • Low impact site design

  • Environmentally friendly, durable construction

  • Green space planning with help from Awbury Arboretum

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