Opportunities to Participate

We are asking you to invest in the future of families and their children, not just bricks and mortar. We are offering you a return on investment that is measured in the success of generations to come.

Volunteer Opportunities will abound as Awbury Village is established. Our biggest current need is to procure funding to create this thriving community. In order to do so, we need people on development committees to help us flesh out plans and build out various aspects of the community. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.

Opportunities for Giving

It often takes very little to send a family down the path to homelessness: in-home abuse or violence, sudden job loss, an unexpected illness, or something as small as the car breaking down. For many families the buffer is small while the obstacles are large.


The purpose of Awbury Village is to break the generational cycle of poverty and homelessness and to create a sustainable path forward for parents and their children. Awbury will accomplish this by:

  • Creating a mutually supportive community of families in similar circumstances

  • Providing parents the support, tools and skills to get a job or finish their education obtain a job

  • Ensuring children are safe, thriving, and learning while the parents are out regaining traction in the world


Why give?

Every day, people struggling to make ends meet, especially families with children, have to move out of their homes and lack the support needed to permanently leave poverty. With your help, we can provide them with the safe, supportive housing community they need to restart their journey - ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty, of missed opportunities, and helping their children and parents grow to their potential.

Naming Opportunities

*The Community will permanently bear the name of the lead donor whose name will be forever associated with supporting families on their journey out of homelessness and poverty.

594_Site Plan Render_112219.jpg

PCEH had an amazing 87% success rate helping 115 families, including nearly 400 children, remain stable in a nurturing home environment for more than one year. 

What is Housing First? 

The Housing First Model is based on the idea that ‘home’ must come first in order for services and training to take root. By offering a family a measure of privacy and dignity in their own home, remarkable growth and stability result. Awbury Village residents will find a community built on the promise of Housing First, a safe place to call ‘home.’


How does Awbury Village support children? 

We are putting “Children First” with the intention of breaking the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. Children are the most vulnerable and suffer the most when families lose their stability. Kids deserve to be kids, to safely play, explore, dream and grow with other kids in their community. They represent our belief in a better future. We literally designed this community around them.


What does it cost a family to live in Awbury Village?

There is no income requirement to live at Awbury Village. Residents will be asked to pay rent based on what they are able to afford.